First a few questions about you:

In which age group do you belong?  
Your gender?  
How often do you solve Sudokus?  
How good are you at it?  
Have you bookmarked this page?  

And now about the difficulty levels:

Have you found a difficulty level here that you think is fun?  
Which difficulty levels have you tried?  
Which difficulty levels have you mastered?  
How do you like the random pre-sets?  

A few questions about the design:

How's the readability?  
How's the arrangement?  
How is the advertising compared to other websites?  
Choose one of the following statements about the attractiveness of the design:  
How high is the site's recall value?  

The Assistant:

Have you tried it?  
Did it work?  
Did you use the mouse or the keyboard?  
How long did it take you to figure out how it works?  
Choose the statement that you think is most important about the Assistant:  
What is your general opinion about the Assistant?  

Two more questions about the competition:

Do you know other Sudoku sites?  
How are they in comparison?  
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