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Aspirant Adept Visionary Theory
Novice Old Hand Vanguard Solution

Degrees of difficulty


Aspirant This is the easiest category. A little patience should finally lead to the solution. daily
Novice Patience alone will not suffice. It should be a little harder than Aspirant. daily
Adept This one is hopefully challenging enough to be attractive for advanced players. daily
Old Hand Beginners will not like this. It should be pretty difficult. weekly
Vanguard If you think it's easy, you're a genius! weekly
Visionary This is a Hexadoku with 16 field side length. Technically, this puzzle not overly difficult, but due to its size, it can quickly become confusing. weekly
External puzzle For the preservation of your erasers. Use this link to work on your own puzzle - like the one from your newspaper. (requires a modern browser - info) static


Even the easy categories are probably more demanding than the puzzles you are accustomed to from your newspaper. Help in solving the puzzles can be found as needed under the heading Theory.

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